Viol ceaselessly studies disease treatments that can change our way of life.

What is SUMM?

Viol aspires to be the global player of Bio-Electro Ceuticals ushering in a new era.

SUMMceutics ; Summus + ceutics

Viol plans to open an R&D center within a university hospital as a part of its efforts to treat diseases and change our way of life by converging biotechnology with electronics.
Viol remains focused on new technology development initiatives.

R&D island for innovative R&D initiatives


Core technology

Viol converges biotechnology with electronics to deliver products that treat diseases
and change our way of life.

Electro Ceuticals

Study of electronic application
utilizing electronic devices

Bio Ceuticals

Study of bio technologies
utilizing stem cells

Bio-Electro Ceuticals

Certification Profile

Viol is widely recognized by distinguished Korean and international certification bodies for its technological prowess and is poised to join the global brands with a firm commitment to R&D initiatives.

  • Patents

    Viol’s technological prowess has been recognized by many organizations.

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    Viol’s intellectual properties are protected by applicable trademark laws.

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    Viol’s titles to all its service marks are protected through service mark registration.

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